Due to the difficulty in getting beef this year, we were limited to 150 burger baskets.  We truly appreciate everyone’s support during this time.

If you missed out on ordering, but still want to make a donation to the Society, please mail us a donation check or use our Contributions page.



How You Can Help Save History


The Hibbing Historical Society is on the lookout for a variety of items that will help to save the history of this very unprecedented time.

Everyone can help save history!

You might have a funny story, a sad reflection, or an artifact that is unique from these days.

Read the information on our COVID-19 Archive page and start to keep your eyes and ears open!


Example of a picture with a story:

One unique event that took place in Hibbing during this time of the coronavirus happened Saturday, April 11, 2020 at Hibbing’s movie theatre. The Mann Theatres in the Twin Cities and in Hibbing sponsored a day to buy gift cards and popcorn. The cars lined up steadily throughout the afternoon. Stacey Stone Rotness, General Manager of the theatre, said about the day, “My staff and I are so thankful for the overwhelming support from our community in helping us at this time.  We hope that the community will continue to support not just us, but other small businesses during this difficult time. The highlight of my day was taking the time to walk the line of cars to see and thank as many people as I could. It was an exhilarating day as we felt the love from our community.” The Mann Theatres are making a donation from the proceeds to help in the fight against COVID-19.



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