HHS COVID-19 Archive

The Hibbing Historical Society is committed to saving today’s history for future generations.  We are asking the community to email materials that represent this unique time to hibbinghistory@mchsi.com.


Digital submissions:

Some examples of items that could be included in the archive are: Statements or journal entries documenting personal reactions to this time; photos from your neighborhood, grocery stores, or other places that have changed during this time; signage indicating closures or changes at restaurants, playgrounds, grocery stores, etc.; social media posts (video/photo); recordings of events shared online during social distancing practices; materials from your place of business or worship explaining the move to online services; distance learning schedules or other daily routines; measures your business or organization has taken; photographs of scenes from around your community, such as empty shelves in the grocery store, or people in your neighborhood talking to each other while standing six feet apart; photographs of public art, such as chalk art on sidewalks, or paper hearts posted in windows.


Personal stories:

Ask yourself these questions to help determine what might make a good contribution.

  • Are you social distancing?
  • What activities are you doing with more time at home? Books, movies, cooking?
  • Have business closings affected you? How?
  • Are you working from home now? Or are you searching for a job?
  • How are your children dealing with distance learning?
  • Do you have a front-line or essential worker in your family?
  • Has someone you know contracted the virus?
  • In what other ways has this pandemic affected you and your family?


Physical Artifacts:

As the Hibbing Historical Society is closed, we are unable to accept physical artifacts at this time, however please save these items for submission at a later date.  Possible physical artifacts include diaries, masks or mask patterns, recipes for homemade hand sanitizers, distance-learning lesson plans, social distancing signs, quarantine crafts and more.


These are only examples, and certainly do not cover all possible inclusions.  If you have questions, please contact us at hibbinghistory@mchsi.com